​​​​​​​​​​​​​"To help aid with harmony and balance in everyday life"

I run sessions available for one-to-one individuals and small groups.  

These cater for Babies, Toddlers, Children, Teenagers, Adults & Mums-To-Be. 

Sessions and Workshops can be delivered at the Colourwheel venue or I can visit your Home, Nursery, School, Home Education Group, College, University, Hospital, GP Surgery & Work Offices.    ​

 I incorporate tools that are Strong, Innovative and Advanced, yet Fun, Gentle and Easy, for you to build into everyday life.

Colour, Sound, Mindfulness and more natural coping techniques for health and wellbeing are becoming more widely explored and facilitated.  They offer a non-intrusive more natural approach and can work really well alongside more conventional methods.  

Nature is a beautifully nurturing gentle essence,
given to us to heal our physical, emotional and mental ailments.
I utilise Colour, Light, Sound, Plants, Water, Oils, Gems and Crystals, to take Science, Therapy and Medicine to their purest form, thus being high in strength.  

We are able to see life changing results for real people, which is wonderful to be part of.

Colour and sound tools are tailored to each person's specific needs.​​​​

Because it is nature's form of healing, it is an all inclusive type of therapy.

Clients come to a session seeking support for a vast range of symptoms.  Methods can be used all the way up through life as a beautiful and natural way to be in harmony with the world and to cope with everyday stresses.  

Be it relief from negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, feeling lost or helpless or coping with panic attacks.  

For help with physical ailments such as coping with pain, headaches, arthritis, coping with acute or life threatening illness or speeded recovery from an operation.

Dealing with mental symptoms such as stress, coping after varying forms of trauma, abuse (recent or as a child), domestic violence, child abuse, mood changes. Perhaps you want to be able to think more clearly, be more focussed and find rational.

It may be that you feel stuck in a cycle or simply just fancy an overall health boost.

It is a system available for anyone in any situation. Perhaps if you suffer from irregular peiods, if you are going through menopause changes with your body or simply wanting to align your chakras.  There really is something to suit everyone.

We work to realistic goals, which are manageable for you.  

As with any alternative therapy, you need to come with an open mind and no expectations.  I do as much of the hard work that I can, to help make your life a happier more enjoyable one.  

It will mean you opening your mind to alternative ways of thinking and opening your heart to a different way of being... and being ready for lots of colour and positive change!

It is not always a quick fix, a lot of the time we are getting to the root cause rather than just masking the problem.  As much as there are often immediate results, this type of work does sometimes require time, patience and a bit of work to obtain the desired sustainable results, preventing a reoccurrence of issues.

What is Advanced Colour Therapy Care?

It is a relaxing and 'whole body' balancing treatment, re-aligning your body and whole self, releasing any tensions, stress and anxieties on a deep level.  It can also work on specific ailments.

Sessions are great for balancing hormones or if you have a lot of stress going on and you need to get back on track with life.  The tools allow for release of old stuck energy and emotional blockages, enabling speeded healing and creating a more positive state of mind.  

Selecting specific colours to your individual needs, allowing for a deeper release with enhanced healing for the physical and emotional levels, whilst calming and soothing for the mind.  

The treatments can help to release blockages and can also reduce pain or swellings.  Oils help to stimulate parts of the body to work with your energy system.  

The Colour sessions are popular for regular ongoing sessions throughout the year to keep everything in harmony and in check or you can come for a one off treatment.  

 As I work intuitively, the session will be specific to you at the time of your appointment and tailored to your needs.

It can be for babies and pregnancy all the way up to the later years of adulthood.   This is because it is a wonderfully nurturing experience, allowing some 'time for you'.  If you are pregnant, that will also greatly benefit the development of a growing baby.  Taking you right through life, coping with everyday situations and challenges.

This type of work reconnects you to one of the purest forms of energy that flowed through you as a child, so it is a completely natural way to bring balance and release any blockages you may be experiencing.  It can help to stabilise the emotional adjustment for both mother and baby, for children the stresses of school or bullying or learning to cope with changing environments and illnesses.  Mothers can come for a treatment if they are trying to conceive and the treatments are safe as early as immediately after conception to promote a healthy environment for the developing baby.

Energetic blocks of the mind and body are freed, therefore the associated body conditions that result from these blockages are effectively treated.

Children are very open to the natural benefits they receive from colour and energy treatments. 

Many children come to me because of Anxiety or head-aches at school with the ever growing stresses.  It can be beneficial for phobias, stomach upsets, immune system boost, skin disorders or irritations, helps to calm and relax if they are suffering sleeping problems, nightmares or night terrors, serious illness, ADHD, ADD, Autism, dyslexia, frees any blockages, growing pains and balancing hormones along with helping heal from any trauma past or recent or if they have suffered bullying or abuse.

Treatments greatly enhance development and learning within children along with hearing or sight issues.  The sessions are benefitting children with attention problems or difficulty focussing at school, hyperactivity and all the learner related obstacles they may be facing.  If you have specific worries I can work on those but it also balances out anything before it becomes a problem as it works with your

or your child's natural system in the most organic gentle form.

I use pregnancy, baby, child and adult friendly, organic natural products and can tailor the sessions with anything from Colour Therapy, Aura Soma, Reiki, Rainbow Massage, Colour and Sound Healing, Shamanic Healing through to Art Therapy and Music.  Each incorporate a great depth of mindfulness.

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