​​"I combined my expertise in Art, Design,
Colour Therapy, CBT and 
Learning & Development Research
 to create 'Colourwheel',
​so I could pursue my passion to help people both enjoy and reap the benefits of colour."

After my extensive study of Art, Textiles and History of Art, my working journey actually started out as a Stylist working with Vogue and Tatler, London, in the magazine industry.

I was also travelling up and down the UK, running and styling catwalk shows in search for new and upcoming models, styling, mentoring and training up the models and holding public catwalk shows.
I then worked as a Fashion Designer for a beautiful British sailing company, designing performance sportswear and lifestyle clothing and shoe lines.
After this, I worked as head designer for a high end womenswear company in London, designing catwalk collections, one off pieces for private clients in the public eye, the knitwear and casual wear collections, the tailoring collections, the eveningwear collections, accessories and leatherwear collections, rainwear collections, menswear collections, interiors collections for the home, image consultancy and mentoring, buyer,... you get the idea!
I moved to Dublin, Ireland and worked as a head designer for another womenswear company, very similar to that above and, also, a horsewear company, which was great for me as I was brought up as a keen horse rider surrounded by horses, animals and fields!  In my spare time I worked with private clients as a stylist, image consultant and mentor.
After this I moved to Sydney, Australia and worked with private clients on designing lovely flowy beachy style clothing, image consultancy and designing bridal wear.
Then my sister had some fabulous news she was pregnant, so I came home to the UK to be a devoted and loving Auntie.  I started to design one offs for private clients inculding wedding, evening, interiors along with childrens wear, artwork and feng shui for the home and garden.  

I love learning new therapies and expanding how things work, exploring the science of everything.  I am a proud geek!  So I worked my therapies, mentoring, colour knowledge and design background together in a complimentary fashion, giving clients a more individual approach mixed with mindfulness. 
Advanced Colour Therapy Care works for mums-to-be, babies, children, toddlers, teens and adults.  

It is an inspiring, relaxing and fun process.

 The Colour Therapy System has vast benefits and techniques ranging from a relaxing colour massage, a bit of messy art therapy (where you can leave the messy clearing up to me!), more technical art including life drawing, mindfulness techniques, sound and music with colour and even fun nutrition tips and tricks!

 I combine my knowledge as a Fashion Designer and Interior Designer for clients who require guidance for Uniforms, Workwear, Styling and Feng Shui for the home.  I also specialise colour therapy with children and learning, working with education and development, going into schools along with one-to-one sessions from my home studio.
From my work in Education and Training, I run workshops and training courses in art, design, colour therapy, art therapy, music/sound/colour for development, mindfulness, baby massage and colour massage.  

The mindful based CBT therapy and shamanic healing utilises a vast array of mindfulness and highly beneficial exercises for adults, teens and children, enabling greater sustainable results for clients, along with a more complete understanding and empathy for a wider audience from me.

My main theme is colourful and fun! 

 "Transforming how learning and wellness are achieved in harmony."

All brought together in an inspiring package to tailor your needs.

Please enjoy and I look forward to meeting you.

Love Jade